Real Estate Agent Email List

Made by agents, used by the industry. 

We're boots on the ground here in the US working with real estate agents and industry professionals. Let us know what you need and there's an excellent chance we can help. 

Updated Email Lists

We provide regularly updated real estate agent email lists to agents, brokers, lenders, interior designers, ad designers, contractors, videographers, and anyone interested in working with real estate agents and their clients.

We source agent emails from the top brokers - we'll tell you which emails we have and from which brokers - because we're a small US based business focused on delivering quality data. We lease the data to you and you have unlimited usage rights. We offer list customization options, can randomize the order of the data so you'll get higher delivery rates, and we let you know which brokers have tough firewalls/server protections so you're not wasting money on bad data. 

Referrals, Pockets  Needs, Listings, Open Houses

Have a pocket listing or specific need in your market? Looking to do more referral marketing and outreach? This is exactly what our agents are doing and why they created these lists.

Data Pricing

Lists are leased to you and you have unlimited usage rights. 

And most importantly, we can create custom lists based on your unique needs!
Included: first/last name, email address, company, mailing address, phone number (address/phone number are typically office contact information)

Standard contact lists for US States/Cities: avg. $.025-$.10 per contact. 

Custom Lists - cities/brokers: custom pricing but typically $.20 per email

Bulk discounts: we offer deep discounts on large bulk orders. 

Phased approach: start small with 500-1,000 and grow your list over time.  


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